Rebellious Hair & Skincare was created

to represent SELF-LOVE!

Stephanie wants all little black girls to feel

confident in their looks, despite what

the world may define as beauty.

Know that you are beautifully created.

Rebel against the "standard of beauty' - 

you are beauty!

From the curls on the top of your head

to the soles of your feet - you are beautiful.

Love and embrace the skin you're in!

Know that when you use the Rebellious Brand,

you're showing your skin love - so bask in it. You are loved!


Stephanie was born in the United States. She's lived in California and Oklahoma and has traveled internationally. Her ethnicity consists of African American and Igbo as she is multicultural from Nigeria. Her roots are from Mbano, Imo State, Nigeria. So it only makes sense for her to source ingredients that are naturally available in the Motherland - such as shea butter and palm frond - and she combined them with other natural ingredients from around the world.

Her father is a native of Mbano.  Who is also a businessman and a pillar of the Igbo community first introduced her to the many benefits of Shea Butter and Black Soap. In which Stephanie gained a unique desire to create handmade organic products from her fathers' native land and natural resources. This is how she developed her catchy slogan, “it’s in my roots".

"Rebellious comes from the intent to go against the grain, to be yourself in your natural state and to be in touch with your natural self. Rebellious, to me, is to go against what society says that we should be and to embrace our individuality. Especially in the Black community. Even though it is not always portrayed in media - Black is powerful, so we need to get back in tune with who we are. When I created this line, I thought of this, but more specifically, I thought of the little black girl. I wanted to create something for her to be proud of, something to be familiar to her and her natural beauty, something that she can relate to - rather that be found inside of a brick & mortar boutique or online - having a choice to purchase a product that you can see yourself in - I think is amazing! We have to rebel and take back the power and that power is beautiful. To be black IS beautiful. We must also be proud of our natural resources - cocoa butter, shea butter that come naturally from the motherland and we need them in their purest form - there's nothing necessary to add. Just like us - we have to have self love without feeling the need that we need to add to or that we are lacking in anyway."

Founder & Creator of Rebellious Hair & Skincare